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  • Thank You For your Messages!

    Thank You For your Messages!

    It really is awesome to receive a nomination let along win this award and we’re totally overwhelmed by the love and support we’ve been given.

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  • Did your parents tell you to stand up straight?

    Did your parents tell you to stand up straight?

    Why did we always get told to stand up straight? It was really irritating as a kid wasn’t it? So why were we told to do it? Is it really worth the effort?

    The answer is YES. It really is good for you! The sad but amazing fact is that as toddlers most of us had perfect poster … we’ve just spent the rest of our lives unlearning it!

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  • Salad Season!

    Salad Season!

    What’s in a Salad? The whole appeal of salad however is the idea that it’s fresh, light, healthy, nutritious and tasty. Summer weather often makes us think of lighter foods and salad. I know we also associate salad with weight loss. The problem is that unless we put the right stuff in the salad they can end up either completely bereft of nutritional value or completely loaded with the unnecessary fats!

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  • Stay healthy in the warm weather

    Stay healthy in the warm weather

    This weather is fabulous, it’s certainly the time to be outside for so many reasons, a few tips to bear in mind for staying healthy

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  • Regain your MOJO - what does it mean to you?

    Regain your MOJO - what does it mean to you?

    Know what you want, why you want it, and what it’ll mean to you. How will you feel when you’ve achieved your goal? That’s the key. Know where you want to be, and then you can work out how you’re going to get there!

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  • What do you do to RELAX?

    What do you do to RELAX?

    Living life at speed, focused on work, running round after family, fitting in exercise etc means that we do everything with elevated stress levels. You might not feel stressed, you might thrive on the ‘buzz’ or even feel that you have no choice. However your physiological state is highly stimulated and flooded with hormones that are attempting to help you keep going. Unfortunately the down side is that our bodies are only meant to maintain this state for short periods of time. Think of it like a heating system that’s running on high water pressure …

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  • Impressed by YOU

    Impressed by YOU

    Tracey-Anne started with Fitforlife from basics, there was a level of fear for new exercises and intensity which she has attacked and conquered with style! One example was the use of suspension training equipment. This core centred and balance based equipment requires a high level of focus and control to master, and is very challenging (and can be quite scary!). Anyone who’s tried suspension training will testify to that. Every exercise uses multiple muscle groups and is constantly demanding of the core for stability.

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  • Which type of exercise is best for your health?

    Which type of exercise is best for your health?

    There’s been a lot of discussion as well as TV programs and column inches dedicated to exercise lately. Studies indicating all sorts of ‘answers’ to which sort or type of exercise is best for you. So what’s the answer?

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  • Making time for you . . . Life Hacks!

    Making time for you . . . Life Hacks!

    With work and family commitments can make it hard to find quality time for yourself. I for one forget my food, skip relaxation time, prioritise on the families appointments and needs and sideline my own and try to squash my workouts in between other things! Sound familiar? Maybe you’ve been intending to do something for yourself for ages, but just find the time? However if you take a little time to look after yourself you’ll perform better in all aspects of your life. Of course we all know it’s down to organisation and planning so here’s a few ideas to think about, that might just make it possible or easier …

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  • Did you eat your breakfast?

    Did you eat your breakfast?

    As a working parent it can be very difficult to find time to focus on your needs. I often find it difficult to prioritise my nutrition as I worry about everyone else first. I also know if I don’t eat a sensible breakfast the rest of the day can be a struggle in a nutritional sense, I end up feeling like I could eat anything and everything (the contents of the fridge between two slices of bread sounds about right!). However making sure I eat breakfast has been a struggle lately. It was when I was speaking to a friend I realised the glaringly obvious - why wasn’t I taking my own advise? It always comes down to organisation at some level, so I sat down and thought about what I needed to make my morning routine work more smoothly … Time is always a factor, as is general brain function (as I really am not a morning person). So I need to make this all as simple as possible, and find a way to make a better start to my day.

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