Did you eat your breakfast?

by Rachael Peddie-Temple Nutrition

Did you eat your breakfast?

As a working parent it can be very difficult to find time to focus on your needs. I often find it difficult to prioritise my nutrition as I worry about everyone else first. I also know if I don’t eat a sensible breakfast the rest of the day can be a struggle in a nutritional sense, I end up feeling like I could eat anything and everything (the contents of the fridge between two slices of bread sounds about right!). However making sure I eat breakfast has been a struggle lately. It was when I was speaking to a friend I realised the glaringly obvious - why wasn’t I taking my own advise? It always comes down to organisation at some level, so I sat down and thought about what I needed to make my morning routine work more smoothly … Time is always a factor, as is general brain function (as I really am not a morning person). So I need to make this all as simple as possible, and find a way to make a better start to my day.

So what constitutes a good breakfast?

To ensure a steady intake of what the body needs all meals should include good quality carbohydrate, protein and fibre along with fruit and veg. So you need to choose what you will be happy eating that ticks the boxes. Remember that making healthy choices doesn’t mean losing out on flavour, it can actually make meals more varied in colour and texture AND flavour.


Breakfast for me also needs to be simple and positively thoughtless! I need to eat first thing but also mid morning, so rather than one big breakfast how about splitting it into two smaller meals, one to eat at home and one for 11am at work … OK so I’m making progress. For work it needs to be instant and quick so a smoothie is convenient, and can be made the night before, then utter genius moment … overnight oats for breakfast! This way it can all be prepared the night before and it’s just grab it and go in the morning! Why has this taken me so long to work out? I could have done this years ago?!


So now, I’m making overnight oats and my green shake the night before, I’m ticking off Carbs with rolled oats, protein with chia seeds and peanut butter and nuts, fibre with the oats and chia seeds (and its in the fruit and veg … ), fruits with banana and dried berries, and veg with spinach (which is uncooked so largely flavourless). Ta-daah!

Just goes to show what you can achieve with a little planning, I’m more organised, have improved my nutrition and made the start to my day easier and more pleasant!

Now for Lunch …