Dressed for the weather?

by Rachael Peddie-Temple Fitness

Dressed for the weather?

I was out running with a friend this morning and it was a goregous start to the day, really glad I’d set the alarm for 6am (even if I really wan’t too chipper when it went off!). The problem I had was when I was getting my kit ready last night! I really couldn’t make my mind up what to wear … how cold was it going to be? Was it going to rain? Would I need a hat? Thermal base layer? Long Socks? Oh the choices are enough to make it feel so complicated! The weather on the west of Scotland this year seems to have been more unpredictable than ever! However the choices are reasonably simple when it comes to choosing your clothing for outdoor activities… it’s along the line of a layer less than you’d wear if you went for a walk! (for most folk!)

Run clothes

I found this table, that can give you somewhere to start if you’ve not been out in the cold before, but only you know how your body responds to the cold and heat.

However here are a few things to think about …

  1. check the weather forcast - you might want a water proof layer
  2. think about being seen - do you need something reflective/flourecent or do you need lights to make you more visable. It doesn’t have to be dark, evern low light and rainy days can make visability an issue
  3. if it’s windy you’ll need a windproof layer or an extra layer as the wind will drain the heat from you very quickly
  4. hats and ‘ear gear’ will keep you from getting headaches and earache and keep you warm, so see if you can find a thicker hat for the really cold weather and a thinner one for the more springlike and autumnal days
  5. very light weight gloves will be enough in most conditions to keep your hands warm, you can always take them off
  6. take water - it doesn’t matter how cold it is, you will still sweat so you’ll need to stay hydrated!

It doesn’t matter if you’re running, walking or cycling, if the weather is cold you’ll need gloves and a hat … you can always take them off if you get too warm. Dress in layers so that you can unzip, or remove a jacket if you’re over cooking! However if you’re too cold you’ve got a problem you can’t solve. Today I had a thermal base layer, short sleeve tshirt, running tights, a flourecent gilet and a thin hat - I was fine!