Feeling Hungry?

by Rachael Peddie-Temple Nutrition

Feeling Hungry?

I was reading the news about the governments guidelines for calorie intake and sugar this week and it got me thinking about how we percieve diet and nutrition. If you lived through the 80’s you’ll know about the fad of cutting fat from your diet and it was all about eating less, in the 90’s it was about losing a whole food group, like no carb diets. However losing weight or eating healthily is about balance, and is something that should be for every day, not just for a few weeks. However the upshot of all this is that we live in a society that still thinks that diet is about going without, and you should be hungry to some degree if you’re doing it right … wrong!

You shouldn’t be hungry all the time, health is about eating right rather than eating less, but do you feel hungry all the time? Do you feel hungry again not long after you’ve eaten? They’re quite a regular problems, and things we hear quite often. Here’s a few things to think about if you don’t think you’re getting it right. Why are you hungry;

1) did you eat enough? Maybe your lunch was too light? Did it have protein and healthy fats? Could you have added some bulk with quinoa or couscous? If you don’t eat enough of course you’ll be hungry. Stay fuller by longer by eating a healthy balance of food. It’s all about eating healthily not eating less!

2) did you eat in a rush and not take time to eat it sensibly? Take time to eat, it’s good for you and it’s ok to enjoy your food! Our body need time to digest food correctly and it takes time to acknowledge that it’s satisfied. Rushing your food down whilst sat at your desk or distracted by doing something else wont help either of these issues.

3) you shouldn’t be starving yourself, snacks are ok! Make sure you have sensible healthy snacks avialable to have between meals if you need them.

4) are you thirsty? Did you know that if you’re a little dehydrated your bodies response can feel like hunger - try having a glass of water or warm water with lemon and see if you’re still hungry after 30 mins.

Eat smart