Snow Running

by Rachael Peddie-Temple News

Snow Running

Some of you may know that I like seem to like running in extreme conditions … the snow has been very appealing, but I have been concerned about the slip risk . A Canadian contact suggested I try snow grips. I’d never even considered these for running in before so I dug mine out and gave them a try! Have you tried them for walking? They’re essentially a light weight mini crampon for street use, or on trails. Nothing too extreme.

Snow grips Snow grips 2

There are quite a few styles out there, and they can be used for walking in icy and slippy conditions in town too. I certainly recommend looking into them for Scottish winters when the streets are slippy. They’ve helped me to get out, slip free, in some awful conditions, and enabled me to get pictures like these;

Snowday2 Loch lomond Snow day (2)