What's all the fuss about Water?

by Rachael Peddie-Temple Fitness Nutrition

What's all the fuss about Water?

What’s all the fuss about Water?

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I was out running at the weekend and took my aquapack rather than a water bottle, it got me thinking about why we take water, and why is it so important …

As more and more research is being conducted into the benefits of hydration, and the damaging effects of dehydration we’re all hearing more and more about how we should drink more water!  My Grandmother used to ask why we should be more concerned about drinking so much water when previous generations didn’t.  Ok, so some of that is because research has shown us how important it is, also we’re eating more processed foods, drinking sugary drinks , even teas and coffees, but also medications such as blood pressure drugs, anti depressants and many more medications can dehydrate our bodies.  We’re becoming more and more toxic and need the water to flush it all out!

so if you’re dehydrated you could suffer from headaches palpitations low blood pressure loss of focus/unable to concentrate tiredness/fatigue dry skin muscle weakness stomach cramps dark circles under eyes thirst *hunger

That’s pretty scary right? You can solve it so easily though, by drinking more water.

General advice is that we should drink 1-2 litres per day, or 6-8 glasses, and more if you are exercising. Do you find that easy or do you need a hand with flavour? 

Try making the water easily accessible and enjoyable when you can.  You can hardly move for falling over displays of handy sized water bottles in the shops, but you can also use reusable water bottles, which are great when you’re on the go.

fill your water bottle before you go out so that you aren’t caught out try flavouring water with fruits, herbs etc to make it a tasty flavour with out adding refined sugars have a drink of water with each meal have a glass of water every time you have a coffee/tea try drinking different temperatures of water (you might be surprised how nice warm/hot water and fresh lemon is) freeze water and fruit in ice cube trays ready to drop into your glass

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  It’s So Simple You Can Do It!